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ERIO SERVICES is the trading name of Ernest Poggio, who has been in business for over 30 years.

Working mostly in the areas of industrial control, bespoke software and education, I have particular experience in display systems such as large score-boards for darts and snooker, and exhibition/museum walk-throughs.

Although independent, I have strong ties to a variety of similarly independent specialists in Staffordshire - the particular mix of people involved in a project depending on the requirements of the project.

Computing basics Various text pages of general interest to those new to computing.
Software Mostly free. With some a donation would be welcome. Some charged for.
SNIPPETS Some curiosities and subjects for discussions.
Newcastle-under-Lyme Borough Where I have lived most of my adult life.

Tel: 01782 619804
Int'l: +44 1782 619804

E-mail: Click here.

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